A music player for programmers

As part of teaching, we're encouraged to take on the briefs ourselves. This helps the students understand the expected outcomes. Additionally it aids the teacher in empathising with the students and also uncovering any pain points.

This brief was a practice in user interface design for a niche demographic. The drive was to research the demographic and uncover insights. In this case, I was given programmer as a demographic.

Persona moodboard

Gaining insights into the everyday life of a programmer.

Interests includes gaming, technology, Reddit etc.

Define + Ideate

From here discoveries were made — during work, there is a zone when the user is completey focused and without interruptions.

Could this affect the overall health of the user?

Can we help the user make better choices?


The first prototype was a product that gave gentle reminders.

Whilst the user is using the music player, the volume slowly lowers and gently prompts the user it's time for a break.